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Commercial Real Estate and Property Management

In the commercial real estate world, rising electricity costs can be a significant problem for both the tenants and the commercial property itself. At Energy Smart Pro, we work with a vast selection of national retail electric companies in every deregulated market to combat those rising costs.
Having competitive electricity and gas rates is a large portion of the triple net costs for Property Management companies. Having competitive triple net prices also helps recruit future tenants for your properties.

At Energy Smart Pro, we have created a Commercial Real Estate Product that allows the Management companies to create a new revenue stream and lower the costs for their tenants in a triple net scenario—setting up Commercial Real Estate Companies as their own energy broker allows the company to make a recurring revenue each month while also lowering the tenants’ energy costs, a Win/Win scenario!

Property Management and Commercial Real Estate Companies make up a large portion of Energy Smart Pro’s energy customers’ portfolio. We service Properties in Every deregulated market from New York to Texas.

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