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Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing and Industrial Energy Customers account for the largest users that Broker Online Exchange services. We manage more energy consumption and load for our Large Industrial and Manufacturing customers than any segment of the customer population.

Buying and managing energy spend can be one of the most significant expenses for industrial and manufacturing customers. For that reason, we take a full-service approach to this segment

Large users of power have to review how and when they use their energy, evaluating hours of operations, schedules, and what shifts to run each of their facilities.

Very specific questions should be asked, a few of those are:

  • What percentage of their expenses is the energy spend for the business?
  • What hours of operation are mandatory?
  • Can their load be shut down for any period?
  • Do they have machines that take up a large portion of the load?

Our three-pronged buying system always puts the best proposal in front of our customers.

Procurement – We will actively shop the clients load with our vast array of national energy suppliers. We let each of our suppliers bid on the load and compete for the customer’s business. This drives the cost per KWh down dramatically.

Energy Efficiency Projects – We have our engineers do a full review of the machines, the lighting systems, the HVAC units, all controls, etc. to make sure the locations are using the power as efficiently as possible. We will bring all pertinent projects to the customer and see which projects will return a prudent ROI to move forward. Anything that reduces the actual energy usage and is a net saving to the customer will be presented.

Bill Auditing – This is the step where we review all pertinent tariffs, charges, and taxes on our customer’s bills. Most manufacturing locations are eligible for tax exemptions that your current energy supplier may not reflect on your electricity or gas bill.

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