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Recent improvements in energy efficiency represent significant opportunity for schools of all sizes.

According to the EPA, Energy costs are second only to personnel costs as the leading draw on K-12 school district operating budgets, totaling approximately $8 billion annually nationwide. An estimated $2 billion of that total can be saved by improving energy efficiency in K-12 schools, an amount equivalent to the cost of nearly 40 million new textbooks. Colleges and universities in the U.S. spend an average of $1.10 per square foot on electricity and 18 cents per square foot on natural gas annually, with typical higher-education buildings sided around 50,000 square feet consuming more than $100,000-worth of energy every year. Energy Smart Pro’s structure desk can help to recommend the best products and programs from our robust supplier portfolio for campuses looking to become more energy efficient. Many utilities offer incentives specifically for educational facilities as well! Broker Online Exchange works hand-in-hand with staff to review local and federal guidelines, implementing and planning climate change mitigation and energy projects, and advising on ways to save both energy and money.

The invaluable partners in our supplier portfolio offer additional experience with proven technical energy efficiency measures and can incorporate these measures into an actionable plan to monitor and improve the school’s performance. With the support of the best and most reputable partners in the industry, Energy Smart Pro helps to establishing the school’s baseline energy performance, providing comprehensive energy product design or wholesale market access, benchmarking, and setting district-wide performance goals.

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