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Government, Cities, School Districts, and Municipality Accounts

Broker Online Exchange is proud to have one of the largest Government and Municipality Energy portfolios in The United States. We pride ourselves on reviewing each Local City, School District, or government’s account with precision to ensure we meet the customer’s standard of excellence.

Many Local Municipalities need particular contract language to meet the requirements needed to reach the energy goals and prudently spend their resident’s tax dollars. Along with Special contract provisions, we also take a unique approach to ensure the local governments and municipalities are on the correct product mix.

Our pricing analysts review their usage patterns, look at areas where we could reduce the customer’s overall load, and make sure there are no rollover billing issues or if any meters are on the wrong tariffs.

How we do it?

At Broker Online Exchange, we take a three-pronged approach to looking at Municipalities, School Districts, and Local governments.

First, we shop the power and gas accounts with our superior selection of Suppliers. We show our suppliers the custom load that each municipality uses and how they effect their pricing and tariffs. Step Number one is about making the suppliers compete for the business, which drives down the per KWh rate.
Next, we have our Engineers take a look at any projects that could reduce the local governments’ actual load. This could be solar projects, on-site generation, demand response projects, HVAC upgrades, LED lighting projects, or anything that would help reduce the load and meet any sustainability goals to reduce their carbon footprint; this is our specialty! Lowering our customer’s overall usage means buying fewer KWH’s …which means MASSIVE savings!
Third, we look for any billing or tariff problems that might have been overlooked from their last contract or were never corrected from the local utility. These simple annual bill audits save our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

If you are a City, School District, Local Government, or municipality, Don’t just trust anyone to help you with your Energy Buying Plan; trust the experts who have done it more than any other broker in America!!

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