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Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and Bars make up a significant portion of our energy portfolio. We understand the ins and outs of what restaurants need and what is important to them for their Energy buying process.

Restaurants and Bars have to monitor a few large portions of their energy load. First is the Cold Storage, cold storage and walk-in freezers use a lot of power and need to be monitored both how and when they use their power. These walk-in freezers are used around the clock, and that is a big catalyst in how we go about structuring the energy load for our Restaurant customers.

Restaurants also have large gas stoves and ovens. These ovens need to be monitored for optimal usage and how we go about buying their power and gas. Freezers, Ovens, HVAC systems, Entertainment systems, and other equipment are needed to run bars and restaurants properly.
We take a full-service look at our restaurant and bar customers and develop a comprehensive buying plan for the energy. We review the essential items in their energy contracts, such as swing provisions, late fees, extended billing terms, and many other items that could cause future problems in supplier’s energy contracts.

Our three-pronged buying system always puts the best proposal in front of our customers.

Step 1 – Shop the energy rates of all of our 75 Retail energy suppliers. We send custom information about each restaurant’s load and energy profile to our suppliers and have them submit a personalized energy rate for the client. We generally send this information to 8-10 different suppliers and have them compete to win the client’s business. When suppliers compete, you win!

Step 2 – We look for ways to reduce our client’s energy load and reduce their carbon footprint. Various projects help with this process from Demand Response projects to Solar installation, LED lighting plans, and other energy-reducing projects. We review a prudent ROI on any project, and if it makes sense, we present these options to our restaurant and bar owners.

Step 3 – We make sure our clients are not getting erroneous charges on their bill due to wrong tariffs or simple billing issues from the Utility or retail energy provider. By doing a simple bill audit, we save our clients thousands of dollars a year.

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